What is vermicomposting? For Best No.1 Organic Manure

Vermicomposting and vermiculture provide benefits to organic farmers as sources of extra income. It is an encouraging technique that has shown its potential to certain areas like waste recycling and management of solid wastes, an increment of food production, etc. It helps to avoid environmental pollution and expenditure of resources to treat organic waste.

Vermibed Useful for preparing Vermicomposting

What do you need?

  1. Container.
  2. Worms
  3. Bedding
  4. Care and Maintenance of Beds
  5. Food Waste

Vermicompost benefits soil by improving its physical quality; enriching soil in micro-organisms, adding plant hormones, and adding enzymes attracting deep-burrowing earthworms already present in the soil; improves water holding capacity; enhancing germination, plant growth, and crop yield; and improving root growth and structure. Vermibed are also available over Flipkart & Amazon.

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