What are the advantages and disadvantages of traditional method of irrigation?

Irrigation is basically a watering method by which we provide the water to the farming land. For every type of crop, we need a different quantity of water at a different span of time. As time passes, we use an efficient way of irrigation so that get an effective result with minimal usage of water.

Traditionally, or we can say that for a long time we are using a hard pipe for irrigation purposes. These hard pipes are expensive, weighted, space-consuming, difficult to repair. At the same time, these traditional pipes have some positive sides such as one time installing, hard to break, good strength. To overcome the flaws of the traditional way of irrigation i.e, using a hard pipe is overcome by the latest way of irrigation i.e, using flexible pipe for watering the farming land. These flexible pipes are inexpensive, light in weight, easily wind-up, ease to repair. Although the life span of this flexible irrigation pipe is more than the traditional hard pipe.

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