• V.K. Sprinkler system can be used on high and low surfaces. V.K. Sprinkler is made by using high-quality raw materials and does not catch rust because it is special plastic. This plastic is fully recyclable.V.K. Sprinkler has a high working pressure and water is dispersed 6 meters on each side of the sprinkler.
  • It is easy and fast to install a sprinkler system in fields.
  • V.K. Sprinkler pipe is U.V. coated. The protection from this coating gives a longer working life to the pipe. The UV coating is critical for hot climates. V.K. Sprinkler system can be used on high and low surfaces.
  • The length of the pipe is 60 meters (200 feet). The pipe is also available in 100 meters (328 feet) and 200 meters (456 feet). This HDPE flexible 7 layer pipe is used as a main pipe in the Sprinkler System, You can easily carry around the pipe with out any hard work.
  • The sprinkler irrigation system has also been shown to increased crop yields and is suited for most row, field, and tree crops that are grown closely together, such as cereals, pulses, wheat, sugarcane, groundnut, cotton, vegetables, fruits, flowers, spices, and condiments.


  • Suitable in all types of soil except heavy clay.
  • Water-saving up to 30% – 50 %.
  • Suitable for irrigation where the plant population per unit area is very high.
  • Helps to increase yield.
  • Reduces soil compaction.
  • Mobility of system helps system operation easy.
  • Suitable for undulating land.
  • Saves land as no bunds required.
  • Soluble fertilizers and chemicals use are possible.
  • Provides frost protection & helps in alteration of micro climate.

Sprinkler Irrigation is a method of applying irrigation water which is similar to rainfall. Water is distributed through a system of pipes usually by pumping. It is then sprayed into the air and irrigated entire soil surface through spray heads so that it breaks up into small water drops that fall to the ground.

Sprinklers provide efficient coverage for small to large areas and are suitable for use on all types of properties. It is also adaptable to nearly all irrigable soils since sprinklers are available in a wide range of discharge capacity.

V.K. Sprinkler system is a unique irrigation system. It is designed to ensure maximum water saving, combining high quality, affordability, and ease of installation. All the products are made out of high strength & chemical resistance engineering plastics to achieve functional satisfaction and to maintain cost economics.

All sprinklers undergo extensive quality testing in our well-equipped state of the art lab. Moreover, the performance of the products is also tested in the field to ensure uniform water distribution and higher efficiency.