Are you ready to make your own pond ?

  •  Today, the monsoon season is unpredictable and failure of rains often leads to failure of crops. Dry spells are more common than before.
  • With the increase in population, the importance of water has increased. Since salt water from the sea cannot be used for general purposes like drinking, irrigation, bathing etc. We are still dependent on water from underground, rivers, lakes and rains.
  • With the demand of water rising minute by minute, many countries have realized the problems it can cause later and have taken necessary steps to conserve, retain water.
  • Just decide the place where you want to install the pond. Preferably, it  should be near your agricultural field.
  • Once the liner is in place, you are ready to collect rain water.
  • Make sure you make a boundary to prevent other people from stealing your water . Making boundaries also prevents animals to fall into the  pond, start drinking water or damage the liner.
  • Simply collect rain water and enjoy.
  •  It is possible to do fish culture in V.K. Pond liner
  •  We have the BIS licence for manufacturing Geo-membranes
  •  It is very fast and easy to install V.K. Pond Liner. Our installation team has experience of successfully installing thousands of ponds in India and bringing smiles to farmers
  • V.K. Pond liner is not 99% but full 100% recyclable. After use, it can be recycled completely.
V.K. Geo-membrane has become a smart choice due to various factors such as:
  •  Imperiousness (not permitting any passage of water to the soil)
  •  Chemical resistance
  • Inertness to surrounding soil (neutral to the soil around it)
  •  Mechanical strength and elongation
  • Easy to install and use (our team makes the installation part pleasant)
  • It is economical and durable
  • It can fit uneven terrain (slopes or undulated surfaces)