V.K. Rain Irrigation System

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  • India’s First UV Coated Rain Irrigation System
  • Made with HDPE Fabric
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Carry
  • High-Pressure Bearing Capacity
  • Laser Punched Holes
  • No Clogging Problem
  • Patented Technology


V.K. Rain Irrigation System comes with “Do It Yourself Kit”. No professional is required to install the kit. The kit contains all the parts required for rain irrigation for a given area. This irrigation system is India’s first UV coated Rain Irrigation System.

It has more life span than any other ordinary rain irrigation system. It is very easy to assemble and reallocate. It helps to reduce the consumption of energy and water by more than 50 percent. With the help of appropriate water pressure, This System can spray up to 10 to 15 feet on both sides. To perform best, V.K. Rain Pipe required 2 kg. water pressure. It is very durable, easy to carry around and flexible products for farmers.  V.K. Rain Irrigation System is an affordable irrigation technology prepared by V.K. Pack Well Pvt. Ltd. It is a flexible pipe with a pattern of drip holes. It is easy to install and maintain. These drip holes are made with nano punching technology to ensure a uniform flow of water. Rain pipe is suitable for closely spaced crops, onion, vegetable crops, leafy vegetables, groundnut, etc. It sprays water up-to 10 to 15 feet to each side. V.K. Rain Irrigation System is a water sprinkling system like natural rain. Instead of Sprinkler Irrigation System, The V.K. Rain Irrigation System is a good option where water pressure remains low. V.K. Rain Irrigation System is very economical and there are no huge costs to install the system. The operating costs are also very minimal.

This system is capable of spreading the same water drop in the installation area. Crops get atmospheric nitrogen with the help of this artificial rain. Due to this, the growth of the crops gets increases and crops get natural fertilizer in the form of nitrogen.

The holes in the rain pipe are done by the laser punched technology due to this the holes of the rain pipe do not grow. If your field has slop where water doesn’t stop, this system is like a boon for there. Because water does not flow from this system, it goes directly into the ground, which gives full moisture to the crops.

Farmer faces many difficulties like insects, fog, and mist at the time of growing vegetables and crops. Which causes loss in the growth of the crops and vegetables. Installing V.K. Rain Irrigation System into the field is the solution to this insect and fog problem. Due to the very fine drops, it makes wings wet of the insects and they are not able to harm the crops. This system reduces the effect of fog and mist. You can spray fertilizer in the entire field by applying a venturi system to the rain irrigation system.

V.K. Rain Irrigation System irrigation method is the best substitute for sprinkler irrigation which sprays the same quality of water to crops. It is made of HDPE fabric (High-Density Polyethylene ). V.K. Rain Irrigation System has zig-zag & randomly punched holes by laser system which results in the best water sprouts performance in this category.


V.K. Rain Irrigation System Specification

Size Available100 M2 , 200 M2 , 500 M2 , 1000 M2 , 2000 M2 , 1 Acre, 1 Hectare
BrandV.K. Sarvottam
ISI StandardYes
UV CoatedYes
FabricMulti-Layer HDPE Fabric
UsageAgriculture Irrigation / Terrace Garden Irrigation
Rain Pipe Diameter40 mm
Main Pipe Fabric7 Layer HDPE Fabric


Additional information

Area Size

100 SqrMtr., 200 SqrMtr., 500 SqrMtr., 1000 SqrMtr., 2000 SqrMtr., 1 Acre, 1 Hectare

57 reviews for V.K. Rain Irrigation System

  1. Sukhvinder Singh

    ਬਹੁਤ ਵਧੀਆ ਪਾਈਪ

  2. rameshawar singh

    Nice product

  3. hari singh

    Good quality Product

  4. Rajat Tomar

    bahot badiya hai ye rain pipe india

  5. Manpreet Singh

    ਸਰਬੋਤਮ ਮੀਂਹ ਦੀ ਸਿੰਚਾਈ ਪਾਈਪ

  6. Vikram Dutt

    Awesome product, helping me a lot.

  7. Sumit Vyas

    VK rain irrigation is a very effective system of irrigation. Save Water , time and labour.

  8. Swami Kumar

    செலவு குறைந்த நீர்ப்பாசன முறை

  9. Sarvottam Mukherje

    २००० स्क्वायर मीटर वाली rain pipe india बडिया है

  10. Purnendu Sharma

    Best rain irrigation system

  11. Ram Kumar Sahe

    badiya kaam krta hai ye system

  12. Vashu Sharma

    We are using 200 Sqr. Mtr. rain irrigation india for society garden.

  13. Venkatesh Sharma

    badiya halka hai ye rain pipe system

  14. Raj Porwal

    bahoot badiya quality ka hai

  15. Anil Saxena

    Badiya hai pani ke bachat hote hai

  16. Usendra Sharma

    1.5 bega mein badiya sichai krta hai

  17. Rajat Uttam

    Mein bhe istemal krta hoo apne khet ke liye pani ke sath light ke bachat

  18. Rajendre Singh

    1 hectare mein ache se kaam krta hai. Mere khet ke paedawar badgae

  19. Suraj Chndram

    ఉత్తమ వర్షపు నీటిపారుదల వ్యవస్థ

  20. Narender Das

    सिचाई के लिए बढ़िया तरीका है

  21. Sideek Alam

    maine 500 square meter ka mangvaya hai amazon se badiya chalta hai ye rain pipe india

  22. Radeshayam Tripathi

    halka bhe hai majboot bhe hai

  23. Ramesh Pal

    khet ke paidavar bhe bad gae varsa sichai se

  24. Ram prakash chauhan

    500 square meter se mere khet ki sichai badiya hui

  25. Aadahya sharma

    Nice quality rain Pipe india

  26. Aradhana shamra

    I am using this 100 square meter kit for our school garden. Save water

  27. Rajesh Mahesh

    Best quality 2000 square meter rain Pipe india

  28. Sparsh Shah

    Nice quality rain Pipe india 100 square meter system. Best for our hotel garden

  29. Ramprakash Srivastav

    sasta pipe hai varsha sichai kaaje

  30. Praneet Singh

    Nice quality rain irrigation pipe

  31. Suhail Khan

    Excellent Rain Pipe India irrigation System

  32. Narendra Chaurasia

    Purane sichai paditi se bahioot karger hai ye rain pipe India irrigation

  33. Piyush Jha

    Maine bhe apne khet ke liye mangvaya hai. Pani ke bachat or rupee dono ke bachat

  34. Manmohan Pal

    Using this irrigation system for my 2 hectare. It is good

  35. Vikram khare

    Nice quality 1 hectare kit

  36. Shubhi Verma

    Best sarvottam 1 acre varsha sichai pipe

  37. Maneesh Rajoria

    Best sichai pipe for 2 hectare jameen

  38. Piyush pal

    Badiya hai ye 2000 meter wale kit

  39. Vaibhav khare

    100 square meter kit is good for my garden

  40. Abhishek pal

    Badiya sasta varsha sichai pipe

  41. Rajan Mitra

    Very best quality rain pipe

  42. Om Prakash nigam

    Halka hai ye varsha sichai ki 1 Acre wale kit

  43. Pushpendra Satish

    Nice quality drip irrigation system varsha pipe india

  44. Manish Malhotra

    It’s a nice quality irrigation technology. I am using it for my lawn

  45. Shubham Singh

    Sabse badiya hai 500 Square meter wale kit. Mein bhe apne bagiya mein 3 kit istemal krta hoon

  46. Narendra Shakya

    Nice quality rain water irrigation technology

  47. Rajesh Pal

    Best quality rain water 1 Acre kit

  48. Satyakam Shukla

    Best quality rain water pipe for 1 hectare area

  49. Prabhu lal

    Mere 6 acre ke khet mein rain Irrigation System ache se kaam kr rha hai

  50. Arun prakash

    bahoot uttam quality ka hai sichai pipe 1 hectare wala set

  51. Rajendra Prasad

    Maine teesre kit mangae hai . bahoot badiya sichai tachniq hai

  52. Gopal Shukla

    2000 suare meter bale rain irrigation kit is best

  53. Sushant Shamra

    बहुत ही हल्की किट है रेन पाइप इंडिया

  54. Titu Singh

    It is a very quality rain irrigation system that i have used

  55. Ram Singh

    maine 2000 वर्ग मीटर vale kit mangvaiye hai. bajan mein bhe badiya halke hai

  56. Sheezu Silbestian

    I am using 4 kit of 1 hectare size for my land

  57. Satish Saengar

    mere 2 acre ke farm house mein badiya se kaam kr rha hai

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