V.K. Drip Irrigation System, HDPE Quality

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  • Saves 50-70% of water as compared to flood irrigation.
  • It is portable because it is lightweight. A 60-meter long mainline is not more than 12 kilograms in weight. It is in the form of a roll.
  • Because the mainline is flexible, it can easily be used on uneven terrain.
  • By using a drip irrigation system, there is a sudden increase in the production of many crops.
  • The loss of biological fertilizer and nutrients is minimized. The expense of buying this is reduced. Savings for the farmer.
  • Fertile topsoil remains in place (soil erosion by water runoff prevented).
  • It can be removed easily from the field and be put back whenever the time comes.
  • No big investment required.


Drip Irrigation System is a type of micro-irrigation technique that has the potential to save water and nutrients by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, either from above the soil surface or buried below the surface. The goal is to place water directly into the root zone and minimize evaporation.

Drip Irrigation System V.K. Pack Well

We are all aware of the importance of water in everyday life. No sensible person would want to wastewater after knowing the problems it may cause to all of us later. Apart from drip irrigation system, V.K. Pack Well also manufactures Sarvottam Flexible Pipe, Champion Pipe, Rain Irrigation Kit and many other products,

A lot of water is being used right now to grow food for us all over the world. With such a huge amount of water in question, we have to be judicious with our use of it.

V.K. Drip Irrigation is developed to outsmart the use of flood irrigation at a reasonable cost. It is a scientifically proven technique and drip irrigation practiced by farmers in some developed regions of the world. V.K. Drip Irrigation is extremely useful for areas with water scarcity and uneven rainfall. The general length of a roll is 200 feet (60 meters). It is in a single piece. V.K. Drip Irrigation is extremely useful for areas with water scarcity and uneven rainfall.

2 reviews for V.K. Drip Irrigation System, HDPE Quality

  1. Manohar Lal

    drip se sichai ke liye badiya pipe hai

  2. Vinod

    Pipe to drip tape kaise connect kare

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