V.K. No.1 || Power HDPE Tarpaulin ISI Quality

  • HDPE Fabric 
  • U V Coated
  • Durable/ Tear lasting and puncture-resistant
  • Heat resistant and fire retardant
  • Shrink proof, easy to handle


Our experience of 30 years in this field tells us that users of HDPE Tarpaulins generally do not understand what Tarpaulin is most suitable for them. We have endeavoured to break this trend by developing a Tarpaulin which can be used in many places.V.K. Sarvottam Tirpal is ideal for clay brick factories as well as in a house or on a transport vehicle. This Tarpaulin is manufactured by V K Packwell, using the best quality of raw materials and colors. We have used nothing less than the top quality of ropes and eyelets. It is Heavy Tear Resistance, U.V. Protection for more than 5 years, Light-Weight, Rustproof Aluminium eyelets.

HDPE Tarpaulin

Higher the GSM (Grams per square meter), heavier the tarpaulin. In the pictures, both the hdpe tarpaulin are of the same size. (18 feet long and 12 feet wide). The difference in weight is because of GSM. An orange tarpaulin is 160GSM (3.25KG). Yellow/Black tarpaulin is 80GSM (1.66KG).









We make custom made Tarpaulins between 80 GSM and 1000 GSM in all colors. Minimum order quantity – 15 tonnes (15000 kilograms).We offer 100 GSM to 300 GSM, generally.

We do not use or encourage the use of sub-standard ropes or eyelets.

We have the BIS license for manufacturing tarpaulins.

We have a king-sized experience of government supply all across India.


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