How can I earn money working in a village in India?

Nowadays, earning money in a village is not soo difficult. With the appropriate usage of the latest technique, anyone can earn money in the village. If you want to earn money in a village then you must have a good knowledge of resources that are available in villages. For example easy availability of vegetables/crops, animal dung, wood, flowers, e.t.c.

Vermicomposting is a very profitable way to earn good money in the village. With the help of vermibed, we can prepare the organic manure which can be sold to nearby areas of the village. Although vermicomposting is a very easy task it can be done by anyone. Basically, vermicomposting is a method of preparing organic manure by making a vermibed with the help of cow dung, earthworms, limited supply of water & Thatch (घास फूस).

Vermicomposting is not the only method in a village to earn good money. But it is one of the best ways to set up a regular income in the village.

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