Life without water is not possible. We use 70% more water today than we did in 1970.

Man has faced numerous challenges in providing water for industries, households, and agriculture. Fast forward to today’s world, we find that water resources have started depleting and man has started working harder than ever to fetch water from different sources.

We at V.K. Pack Well have developed products that have not only increased the efficiency of operations in the agricultural field but have also helped to minimize the wastage of water in the process. We believe in providing the best possible future for the generations to come by changing the old and obsolete methods of agricultural practices.

 Our products, all they are recyclable. At our facility in Kanpur, we buy back our products after being used fully to their life cycle and then recycle it to produce granules that are then sold in the market. Later, these granules are used to make products of many kinds.

 We promote and practice the use of organic fertilizers, manures, and vermicompost. These are naturally made with no fuel/electricity consumption. They do not harm the environment.

 We promote and practice the use of organic fertilizers, manures, and vermicompost. These do not use electricity in any form unlike their chemical cousins which are made in big factories.

 Through our Geo-membranes, we have helped people safely store billions of liters of water (mostly from natural rain) and have reduced their dependency on submersibles and pumps.

 We have developed a system by which water can be given to the plants/crops through gravity. Water is stored in Geo-membrane at height and is then allowed to come down through our drip irrigation system which distributes it evenly to the crops.

 We have designed our products like V. K. Sarvottam Tirpal, to last for a longer period than conventional tarpaulins in the market thereby reducing the need to recycle them.

 We have designed a first of its kind drip irrigation system in India, which would save uncountable liters of water. It is because this system directly gives water at the place of consumption.