Difference: Sarvottam / Champion / Samraddha Kisan Lapeta Pipe HDPE Quality

Lapeta Pipe

We have lapeta pipe in various sizes which comes under brands of V.K. Pack Well Pvt. Ltd with some difference in quality.

Sarvottam Pipe

V.K. Sarvottam Lapeta Pipe is strongest among all the lapeta pipe under V.K. Pack Well Pvt. Ltd. V.K. Sarvottam HDPE Lapeta pipe is being used by more than half a million farmers in India. VK Sarvottam pipe comes in many sizes. 19mm (3/4inch) is the smallest size we currently make. We also make 200mm(8 inches). We have a BIS license from 2 inches to 8 inches. 2 inches and below is used in houses and gardens or in small farms.

Champion Pipe

Our product V K Champion HDPE Lapeta Pipe is extremely Light in weight. It is a very low-cost HDPE lapeta pipe which is very useful for farmers. An extra liner has been introduced in V.K. Champion Lapeta Pipe which enables this pipe in high pressure handling.

Samraddha Kisan Pipe

V.K. Samraddha Kisan Lapeta Pipe is capable of bearing strong and excessive water pressure compared to other ordinary lapeta pipes available in the market. The water pressure bearing capacity of V.K. Samraddha Kisan Lapeta Pipe is 1.5 kg/cm2, but the ordinary lapeta pipe has a capacity of only 0.5 kg/cm2 or less. HDPE Lapeta Pipe : Kisan Farming

The difference between the above pipes are different as per the need i.e, Sarvoottam Lapeta Pipe is highly strong, Champion Lapeta Pipe is good in pressure handling and Samraddha Kisan is basically meant for an economical range of pipes. All these pipes under different sizes are also available on Flipkart & Amazon.

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