V.K. Vermibed

Agriculture is going through many reforms at the present hour. It is because in order to feed the ever growing population on the planet, the farmers need to produce more.

Use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, artificial manure for cultivation of crops have caused harmful effects to our health.

It is for the benefit of all that these chemicals shall not be used in our food. These increase output of the agriculture land at the cost of our health.

The shortcomings of chemicals have been overcome by biological agents. These are a natural part of our planet and do not cause any negative impact on our health. They increase the fertility of the soil in the long term and using these one can produce 100% natural food.

We have the BIS Licence for manufacturing Vermibeds.

In V.K.Vermibed one can make Vermicompost to stimulate growth of crops, Vermiwash to kill insects, pests etc. Soil fertility is increased to a great extent.

Vermicompost is the excreta of earthworm, which is rich in humus. Earthworms eat cow dung or farm yard manure along with other farm wastes or household food waste and pass it through their body and in the process convert it into vermicompost.

In our V.K. Vermibed conversion of garbage by earthworms into compost and the multiplication of earthworms is a simple process and can be easily handled by the farmers. Earthworms can be sold off in the market and that is an additional income for the farmers.

Vermiwash is collected automatically by the process of Vermicomposting in a container placed at one side of V.K. Vermibed. This natural Vermiwash can be sprayed on leaves directly to prevent pests, insects.

General precautions-

60 to 70 days after installation of V.K. Vermibed, the Vermicompost is covered with a Jute Mat to protect earthworms from birds and insects.

Water is sprinkled on the vermibeds daily according to the requirement and season to keep them moist.

The waste is turned upside down fortnightly without disturbing the basal layer (vermibed).

The appearance of black granular crumbly powder on top of V.K. Vermibeds indicate harvest stage of the compost. Watering is stopped for atleast 5 days at this stage. The earthworms go down and the compost is collected from the top without disturbing the lower layers (vermibed).

The first lot of Vermicompost is ready for harvesting after 60-70 days and the subsequent lots can be harvested after every 40-50 days of loading.

Benefits of using V.K. Vermibed-

V.K. Vermibed is strong, light-weighted which makes it easy to handle. It is U.V. coated for durability.

V.K. Vermibed enhances germination, plant growth and crop yield.

V.K. Vermibed improves soil aeration.

V.K. Vermibed improves water holding capacity

V.K. Vermibed can be installed above the ground to protect the setup from ants, insects, rodents and termites.

V.K. Vermibed is designed to make high quality Vermicompost in short term.

V.K. Vermibed is designed for efficient air flow, a technology which gives more earthworms to the farmer.

V.K. Vermibeds are currently being used over countless organic farming projects in India and we are supplying to farmers through many government bodies in several states of India.