V.K. Sarvottam H.D.P.E. Laminated woven lay flat tube

After immense research and development we have developed a water carrying tool using the best quality of raw materials. This pipe can be used for carrying water from source to the fields or for general water carrying purposes.

These short coming have awarded farmers biological fertilizers. These fertilizers are a natural part of our plant, are biodegradable (science of nature). A fertilizer obtained by mixing of old dead leaves, plants, biological particles and agricultural products.

V. K. Vermibed is prepared with the composition of world's best polymer. It is designed to be highly cost effective in the long run.


  • Where land is not levelled.
  • Easy to carryVery light weight
  • In the field truck/tractor runs over? (No problem).
  • Why to worry about the sun? It gives us life and nourishes the planet. (For 5 years V. K. Sarvottam pipe will ressist UV rays of sun, simply because it is UVtreated)
  • Marking on every 20ft/6m for easy measuring
  • Puncture in the pipe? Now, you don't need to buy a new pipe.We provide 1st puncture kit for free with accessories.

Rats are smart. Its proven. They know we carry water in plastic pipes. But we at V.K. Packwell are smarter than them. Obviously Anti – rodent (food grade) first time in India.

Puncture Joining Method
  • In case of puncture, scratch an abrasive paper on punctured area with soft hands and then paste an adhesive tape on that area.
  • Fold the 1st pipe 1ft to the upper and second pipe 1ft to the inner side. Then insert 1st pipe 2ft inside the 2nd pipe.