V.K. Taaza 100% Organic

We manufacture containers that are used for terrace farming.

These containers are kept in the sun, therefore we have designed and developed them in a manner which allows them to last many years.

These containers are not breakable as compared to conventional earthen containers or clay containers. These do not transfer heat unlike metal containers.

V. K. containers for terrace farming are designed to conserve water and provide maximum output of fruits and vegetables per square feet.

V. K. Packwell promotes the use of these containers because we understand that majority of fruits and vegetables that are available in the market today are treated with chemicals.

These chemicals (in the form of fertilisers, pesticides, manures, growth stimulants, colours) used for growing our food not only cause health related issues but also cause permanent damages to the users in extreme cases.

Our containers are currently being used in many parts of India and allowing citizens of India to grow vegetables, flowers and fruits on their rooftops.