V. K. Geo-membrane
(Ponds and canal lining)

With the increase in population, the importance of water has increased. Since salt water from the sea cannot be used for general purposes like drinking, irrigation, bathing etc. We are still dependent on water from underground, rivers, lakes and rains.

With the demand of water rising minute by minute, many countries have realised the problems it can cause later and have taken necessary steps to conserve, retain water.

We have the BIS licence for manufacturing Geo-membranes.

After rainfall, pure water drains through the river to the seas and mixes with the salt water which cannot be used easily. In hilly areas, rain water starts from the top and causes land erosion all the way to the bottom. In dry regions, it mixes with the soil and evaporates in no time.

In some countries, agriculture is dependent mainly on monsoons therefore conservation and storage of rain water is of prime importance.

V.K. Geo-membrane has become a smart choice due to various factors such as:

Imperviousness (not permitting any passage of water to the soil)

Chemical resistance

Inertness to surrounding soil (neutral to the soil around it)

Mechanical strength and elongation

Easy to install and use (our team makes the installation part pleasant)

It is economical and durable

It can fit uneven terrain (slopes or undulated surfaces)

Rain water falls in the area covered with geo-membrane. To enhance efficiency slopes or trenches can be made around the geo-membrane which could direct more water into the water harvesting setup. In hilly areas, slopes can be curved or trenches dug to suit the setup.

We have had the privilege of installing V.K. Geo-membranes in almost all parts of India and we think that we have helped in saving a lot of water for the farmers. This setup acts like a water bank and one can withdraw water as per his need anytime of the year.

It is possible to do fish culture in V.K. Geo-membranes.

It is a similar concept as rain water harvesting which is installed in our houses.

V.K. Pond liners are made with the best quality of raw materials so that farmers can have peace of mind. It is long lasting and value for money.