V.K. Sarvottam H.D.P.E Flexible Pipe

We are the manufacturers of world class HDPE Flexible Irrigation Pipe, HDPE Laminated Fabric, Tarpaulin products, Vermi Beds, Ponds Lining Tarpaulins, Canal Lining Tarpaulins, Mulching Films, HDPE Plastic Bags, and in 3, 5, 7 & 9 layers. We comply with all the statutory norms required for these products.

The Company is a registered member of Federation of Indian Export (FIE0) and Plastic Export Promotion Council of India. Our V. K. Sarvottam HDPE Flexible Irrigation Pipe has been tested by Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology (CIPET) Lucknow and Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering (CIAE) Bhopal.

After immense research and development we have developed V.K. Sarvottam FIP which is made from 5 layer High density Polyethylene Fabric using the best quality of raw material. These pipes are mostly recommended as water usage and can be optimized to get maximum benefits. It is equally useful where land is not leveled.

Benefits of V.K. Sarvottam pipe :
  • Woven H.D.P.E. structure provides high breaking load; tensile strength 80-85 kg.
  • Designed to withstand the load of heavy vehicles while water is running.
  • UV Treated , more durable and does not crack on exposure to sunlight.
  • Marking on every running 20 ft / 6 meter for easy usage.
  • Chemically inert and corrosion resistant.
  • Portable, light weight and strong. Minimizing transportation expenses.
  • Puncture can be repaired easily by using the laminated adhesive tape provided with the pipe.
  • Water pressure strength is 2.6 kg/cm2. It has been tested by CIPET-Lucknow.
  • Burst Pressure Strength is 3.50 Kg/Cm2 . It has been tested by CIPET-Lucknow.
Note : Customization of colour and size possible as per requirement.
Sl.No. Size (Diameter) inch / mm Standard Size of Pipe Roll ft : Mtrs(Approx)
1 2” / 50mm 500ft / 152 mtrs
2 2.5” / 63mm 400ft / 121 mtrs
3 3” / 75mm 650ft / 198 mtrs
4 4” / 100mm 500ft / 152 mtrs
5 5” / 125mm 310ft / 109 mtrs
6 6” / 150mm 310ft / 94 mtrs
7 7” / 175mm 260ft / 79 mtrs
8 8” / 200mm 230ft / 70 mtrs

Puncture Joining Method : In case of Puncture, scratch the abrasive paper on punctured area with soft hands and then paste the adhesive tape on that area

Pipe Joining Method : Fold the first pipe 1ft.to the upper side, and second pipe 1ft. to the inner side. Then insert the first pipe 2ft. inside the second pipe