About Us

We are V.K. Pack Well Pvt. Ltd., governed under the Companies Act 2013. Our office is at the industrial city of northern India, Kanpur.

Our company is a professional manufacturer of:


Irrigation Pipes

Sprinkler irrigation pipes

Drip irrigation pipes

Vermibeds for organic farming

Ponds lining and canal lining

Garden pipes

HDPE laminated fabrics

Terrace Farming containers

Our 5 units have a total working space of 14,000 square metres. We process 50,000 kg of plastic granules daily to make products for our customers.

Our company has immense knowledge, expertise and latest manufacturing technologies. The promoters of our company have been in the plastic engineering industry for more than 30 years.

Our commitment to continuous improvements has helped us in delivering best products to our people while getting localized support through our expanding networks.

We visit exhibitions related to our field to keep ourselves updated (upto the minute) with latest happening.

Here are some specifications/conditions for our products:

Material: PE

Supply Advantage: Best quality and price

Weaving: Weaved by circular looms

Coating: H.D.P.E weaving, LLDPE and LDPE coating

Characteristics: Water-proof, sun resistant, anti-aging, tear-proof, anti-freeze, corrosion resistant. Good tensile and tear strength.

Package: Packed in rolls or bales

Product Tolerance: Size ± 3mm, Weight ± 5%

HS Code: 6306199090

Shipment Terms: FOB

Payment Terms: LC/Advance

Material in PE: HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE

Currency Accepted: USD, Pound, Euro, INR and other major currencies.